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    Presenting a new trip to:

    __"Buenos Aires"!!!!__





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  • Buenos Aires

    the most cosmopolitan city in South America!

    What we will do and see

    in the Land of Tango!

    City has a European Feel, with Unique Fashion,

    Art andAntiques,

    Beautiful People,

    Delicious Steak & Wine



    *Supprisingly Fresh Air


    *The people of Buenos Aires


    Deluxe Leathers

    Shoes and boots

    Antiques, vintage,

    Ethnic Artifacts

    Local Couture



    San Telmo

    Antique Shops

    Sunday Antique Market

    modern art museum and 'Evita' Memorial

    City Architecture

    Urban Art

    Largest boulevard in the World..more!


    Recoleta posh Stores &

    Palermo Hollywood Boutiques!

    Downtown chic and reduced leather shops  

    Boutique Hotels

    1st Downtown, the 2nd hotel in Trendy Palermo. *Experience the different districts . Staying in charming small hotels ...w/ breakfast

  • Have you been curious to travel? but did not want to travel solo?

    *come join us for the small group tours , Buenos Aires is next_ but other unique destinations soon to follow!

    meet new friends

    come join us , yourself, or with your spouse, friends ....

    *or make it you own small group tour 6-8 travel friends .

    see the world

    add this trip to your bucket list!!

  • Join us for this fun trip!

    Tour Manager


    Our tour leader and world traveler, leading you on a fun filled cultural tour of Buenos Aires, including Art Museums, flea markets, ethnic markets, vintage stores, boutiques, bookstores, Evita's memorial,

    walking tours,

    Tango lessons, Traditional steak

    restaurants and Wine and more!

  • Explore the city

    The culture of the Argentines


    Street art

    Colorful suprises

    Graffiti tour is available, but fun to discover by yourself!

    Dance Sexy Tango

    A lesson in a milonga


    Fun tango lessons at Every level ,

    in a casual party setting!

    Antique Marketa


    Fun for collectors, or just people watching.

    See Tango in the streets, have brunch at one of the many cafes, browse the antique shops, galleries. Ethnic market with handmade goods, with street musicians ...etc


    Italian, steak, wine, more...

    Eat at traditional restaurants or modern Argentine sylish ones! also , locals like to eat dinner quite late!


    Argentine Wine

    Argentina is known for excellent wines.

    This national red wine is Delicious with their steak ! . & reasonably priced

    Mata tea

    Ethnic matket

    You will see many mata cups for sale as well as many people drinking it. The caffine-rich infused tea is national beverage,it is a bit bitter taisting and leaves one a pleasant sensation.

    There you will find handmade goods from all parts of the country, bring cash to shop for fun and unique souvenirs.


    Iguazu falls

    Optional side trip

    available tour at extra cost, must fly to falls that divides Brazil and Argentina. Best to have a Brazillian visa as the best view is on the Brazillian side..